Water spots on wooden floors – How to clean wood floors naturally?

The wooden floor definitely gives a ravishing touch to space and makes it look all the more elite, and most importantly, especially during the winter months, allow ample of comfort. However, your task never gets finished with the installation of these floors, but, you require taking good care of the floors as well. One of the stringent challenges in that regard is that of the water spots. How to clean wood floors naturally so that no visible watermarks are left on it? Here are the key answers to this question.

Resources that you would need

Before getting into the list of the resources, be informed that you will require those items that are always available in your house, and hence, you will neither find it tough to collate the necessary items, nor you will require spending fortune amount to procure these resources. Here is the list of the items that you would need:

  • Vinegar
  • Distill Water
  • Wax polishing compound
  • Soft cloth

The cleaning process

  • Apply Vinegar on the wooden surface: one of the key factors for which water spots are created on these floors is the indiscriminate use of chemical cleaning agents. Hence, it will be definitely a wise act to replace these chemicals with Vinegar that you need to apply on the wooden surface, mixing it with lukewarm water. Subsequently, rinse the spots with the Vinegar solution as usually done.
  • Once done and you have left the solution to dry for some time, you would need to wipe off the surface, using some soft cloths. In case the water spots were formed due to excessive use of chemicals, these steps would easily eliminate the marks.
  • In case the cause of the appearance of the water spots is a mineral deposit, it is advised that you use distilled water for cleaning the surfaces Simply soak a soft cloth in some distill water, and wipe the floor with the wet cloth.
  • Likewise, you can even apply wax polishing compound on and around the water spots, and wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth, soaked in distilling water

If the water spots are excessively stubborn and don’t get eliminated, applying all the steps stated above, you should not delay, call the professional services. There are good chances for you to damage the floors, unsuccessfully trying to eliminate these spots.

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