Wander Around Malls in Jakarta with These 8 Finger Foods

Nowadays, Instagram, along with other social network channels, make us crave for updates and trends, especially about foods. For mall visitors, a little snacking during a shopping spree is a must. Locating the very photogenic and tasty finger foods are also becoming a tendency among Jakarta urbanites. Let’s check out some of the finest finger foods in Jakarta and locate them within the city’s hippest malls!

  1. eggo’ waffle

Plaza Indonesia, at the Foodhall Basement level

This adorable bumpy egg waffle has a great deal of color and tastes to pick from. Try out the taro and red velvet, or you can do equally in flavor selections.

  1. gyeranbbang

Central Park Mall, Lower Ground

Meals spots and Korean bites have been currently sprouting in Jakarta. Served in tiny pockets, these soft breads come with pistachio and KitKat fillings to the sweet-tooth. Savory fans get to choose between smoked beef with seaweed for a treat.

  1. hokkaidobaby

Pondok Indah Mall 1

Japanese miniature delicacies are here to please fans of cheese and choco tart. With abundant fluffy cheese mousse that melts the first bite, one won’t be enough.

  1. hgcakebakery

Aeon Mall Floor

Cool yourself on a hot afternoon and taste this one of a type dessert on a pole. The green tea grilled marshmallow ice cream is definitely a twist in your typical campfire comfort food of gooey marshmallows that are fluffy.

  1. crepe signature puri mall

Puri Indah Mall, LG Basement

Thin crusts with all types of topping selections are probably the most typical you’ll see in malls. Today this place will offer you a better and bigger version of crepes. You’ll love the black oreo velvet or the most time favorite Nutella giant crepes. Don’t forget to take pictures before you bite!

  1. saladstopid

Lower Ground, Senayan City

Finger food to the love of vegetarianism! With various salad menu on offer, here, you may produce your own signature salad wrapping. Adding your own favorite selection of toppings and dressing table, you could call this your own creation.

  1. auntieannesid

Pacific Place, Lower Ground

Well known around the globe, Auntie Anne’s serves hot pretzels. Menus to pick from are aplenty. From the basic first, almond crunch, almond lotion stix, cheesy pretzel dogs, and last but not least, the nori pretzel. Stay tuned for updates, because more is to come adding to their menu.

  1. dutch. kitchen

3A flooring, Plaza Semanggi

Holland hits are in the home! There are delicious Dutch bites called bitterballen. You can taste the gold fried chicken bitterballen, or Halloween’s black bitterballen plus a few mozzarella sticks alongside.

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