How to Use Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Before you buy a car insurance plan, it is very important for you to compare the various available options and see which the best choice for you is. The online car insurance premium calculator is a very good tool to use for this. You can get quotes, compare them, and find details about the insurance provider along with many other benefits when you use the online calculators. Read this article to know more.

Last Minute Guide to Buy Car Insurance

If you have a new vehicle, you will need an insurance cover for it. This is because as per the rules of the country, every car plying on the Indian roads must have a valid motor insurance cover. However, the legal mandate should not be the only reason for you to buy a good car insurance plan. Just consider how many benefits the cover will bring along and you will be certain of its need! Take a look at the following guide before you buy your car insurance at the last moment:

  • Research: We understand it is the last minute and you need a car insurance plan right away. But you still need to take your time and buy your motor cover carefully. Do not settle for the first plan that you come across, as in all probability, a better plan is available! Take your time and search for the cover that is best suited for you.
  • Use a car insurance premium calculator: Like mentioned above, a premium calculator can help you to find the best plan at the best rate. So never finalise your vehicle’s insurance cover without using a premium calculator first.
  • Research about the insurance provider: Buying a good car insurance plan from a good insurance provider is of utmost importance. Check the insurance providers’ reputations, ratings and claim settlement ratios. You will then instantly know which insurer to go with.
  • Consider the affordability factor: While you may want to buy the car insurance plan that has the highest number of features, do keep your financial capacities in mind. Do not buy a plan that is too expensive as then you may not be able to afford the premiums.
  • Go over the exclusions: Every car insurance plan has certain exclusions. Go over the list of exclusions very carefully to ensure the exact cover you need is not excluded from your chosen motor insurance policy.
  • Look for riders: Riders help to make your plan more flexible and increase the scope of the car insurance cover. So see what riders are available and pick up a few to get the ideal motor insurance cover.

Thankfully, car insurance can be bought online in a matter of just a few minutes. So even if it is the last minute and you are in a hurry to close the deal, you can complete all the above mentioned steps and still find your ideal plan on time.

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Simple and easy way to choose the best policies

Now that you know all the factors you should consider before buying a car plan, let us tell you a few secrets about how to choose the best policies. The secret actually is very easy – just use an online car insurance premium calculator. To use this, you need to go to a reliable insurance aggregator website. Click on the premium calculator link and you will be redirected to a form where you have to fill in certain details. Fill in details about yourself and your vehicle. You need to enter the make and model number, the age of the car, the engine and chassis numbers, the registration number and details about the existing car policy (if applicable). Once that is done, hit the submit button. Within just a few seconds, all the available plans will be displayed on your screen. Simply choose the plan you feel is the most suitable one for you and protect your vehicle in the best possible manner.


So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are some very powerful advantages of using an online car insurance premium calculator. Go online on and use the car insurance premium  calculator and find your perfect car insurance policy too through it. Indeed, it is very simple to identify a good car insurance cover and its price. So without any further delay, go online and get the job done in a simple and effortless manner.

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