Toys That Can Encourage Children To Get Into Doing Something Creative

Making your toddler creative is a fun process but needs a lot of patience and right expectations. Toddlers are of the age 1 to 3 and at this age, they tend to have less to no control of their body movements. Also they tend to have no creativity as such.

As a result, they can be completely messy with whatever they do and as a result, we normally are reluctant for giving them something to be creative. Thus we are happy to purchase best selling playscapes from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, for example, but not art and craft things.

However, now there are so many innovative toys that can encourage children to get into doing something creative without causing a lot of mess for you. Here are some examples.

1. Activity Desk

An activity desk is a neat and compact desk with many compartments to store art and craft supplies in an organised way and children can sit beside it on a tiny stool and do whatever they want.

You can store art books in a side compartment, brushes, colours and crayons on the sections in the front and pencils and other materials in the compartment on the other side of the desk. Kids can conveniently take out whatever they want as per their mood and start working.

The attractive colours of the table are enticing for toddlers and can evoke a passion in them about doing something creative.

You can get a range of designs in the activity desk which contains compartments in various arrangements and convenient access to art and craft materials. You can even get desks on which more than one child can work, either together or individually.

2. Easel with or without Storage Spaces

You can also bring your child an easel where they can create pictures. You can get one-sided as well as two-sided easels, to ensure more than one child can use it. Plus there are storage spaces, either in the form of a simple tray or drawers, enabling you to store as many colours and other materials as you want.

These drawers and trays are removable and washable.

Another popular design in the easel is of having a chalk board on one side and magnetic whiteboard on the other. Also the easel may be shaped into the favourite cartoon characters of the children so that they will appeal kids more.

You can also get various sizes and choose according to your child’s height.

The best part is that these easels need minimal adult intervention so that kids can get a feeling of total freedom.

3. Simple Table with a Board and Storage and Bench (or Chair)

This is a super simple yet ultra functional set of table and benches (or chairs) in which the table has a blackboard atop a recessed storage space. Your child can just flip and get what she wants. After she finishes, she can pack it up all in a breeze.

What’s more, this table can be used for multiple purposes, not just for arts and crafts. You will be amazed to see how your toddler creatively finds many ways to use it.

4. Artist’s Travel Case

Made of top quality material this art case comprises of everything your little artist needs. It also features creative designs in attractive colours to inspire children. There may be crayons, textas, framed doodle pad and many other things kids want for their art and craft projects.

5. Art Journals

These are convenient cases made of durable materials and kids can store their favourite colours and papers in them. They can open or shut with a thick zip. There are neat elastic holders to hold each colour pencil inside and also a multiple-sheet art pad.

All these and many more toys are available at Explore their unique range to get whatever your toddler will be happy with.

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