Top Features to Look for in Your New Home After Getting Married  

Recently married? You’ve probably been looking at new homes and talking to new home builders in ottawa ontario to find the perfect place for your new life. Here are several features that may especially appeal to you as a newly married couple:

#1 – Always look for at least one extra bathroom.

Bathrooms can be a problem right away. The two of you may be able to handle having just one bathroom now, but as your life becomes more complex, kids (possibly) enter the picture, and family come to visit every other weekend, you’ll notice that having at least more than one bathroom will be very handy.

Even if it’s just a half bath, it will take the strain off your main bathroom. If you have guests often, you’ll also fall in love with having a master bedroom bath. It allows you to shower and get ready in privacy while your guests are able to use the hall bathroom in your home.

#2 – Also have at least one (or better, two) extra bedrooms.

Like bathrooms, it’s never a bad idea to have extra bedrooms at your disposal. After all, if you plan on having kids, you should have at least one other bedroom to build a nursery in. Likewise, an extra bedroom can come in handy for numerous other reasons, including having a place to work (an office) or having a place to work out (your own home gym!). Finally, it’s always nice to have a spare room for guests.

#3 – Choose the right neighborhood (especially if you plan to have kids).

Neighborhoods that tend to be quiet and inhabited mostly by older couples and families are better for newlyweds who plan on having kids. It’s also important to find a location that’s near to good schools and parks. New home builders in Ottawa, Ontario can help you find the perfect location for your new home.

#4 – Like to cook? Get a big kitchen!

This is likely a no-brainer, but if you love to cook, bake, and be in the kitchen (or even if you just like to cook), you’ll want to go big. The kitchen is one of the most trafficked rooms in the home, and if it’s small, things can … get sort of tense. Choose an open floor plan with a large kitchen, island, and dining area. You’ll thank yourself later.

Hiring New Home Builders in OttawaOntario

As you search for new home builders in Ottawa, Ontario, make sure to choose a trusted builder. Not all new home builders are “built” the same, after all! Read reviews, ask your neighbors, and do the necessary research to find a high-quality home builder you can trust.

Congrats on your marriage, and welcome home!


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