Testosterone Troches: Analyzing the facts!

Synthetic testosterone is recommended by doctors to a person who is diagnosed with “Hypogonadism”. This is a condition caused due to low level of testosterone or deficiency in men.

It can lead to infertility and other abnormalities in a man’s body. Synthetic testosterone prevents such abnormalities by maintaining the level of testosterone hormones in the body. It will also help enhancing performance and libido.

There are numerous means and methods by which the supplements can be given like testosterone gels, creams, injections etc, but the use of troches for hormone replacement therapy is very popular among all.  However, there are many misconceptions and myths propagated about it. Let’s see the facts now!

How testosterone troches differ from other?

Testosterone troches are the oral form of the supplement. Unlike, pills and capsules, you don’t need to digest it. They’re small lozenge which easily gets absorbed via mucosal lining into the bloodstream that too very quickly.

They’re dissolved in 30 minutes when placed between the cheek and gums (buccal system) and in 10 minutes when placed below the tongue (sublingual medication).

What does it contain?

1mg of testosterone troche contains the ingredients:

  • Silica gel (240 mg)
  • Tevia powder extract (500 mg)
  • Micronized testosterone (24 mg)
  • Mild flavor
  • Polyethylene glycol(23.5 g)

What dosage would be appropriate? How to use it?

The dosage of troches differs depending on the user’s need and health status. Usually, very low dosage of troches is recommended for TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy) treatment in males and libido treatment in females.

However, it’s advisable to take one dosage of testosterone troche daily. For short half-live testosterones, doctors also recommend taking every 12 hours.

Where else it is used?

Apart from treating hypogonadism, it can also be used:

  • For eliminating breast pain and also for the treatment of breast cancer which is at the inoperable stage.
  • Postpartum engorgement.
  • For indicating the delaying of puberty in males.
  • For building muscles and improvement of libido.

Why it is misunderstood?

  • Improper dosage is one of the main causes. A right amount of dosage is very important for the effective working of any medicine. It has been proved that side effects can happen with almost any medicine, if the dosage taken is more than recommended.
  • Not buying from trusted or certified sources. Also, not reading details like ingredients, expiry date etc., while purchasing.

We hope, the information mentioned in this article has added a little to your knowledge of testosterone troches. Instead of trying some ineffective and dangerous supplement, try testosterone troches once.

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