Stunning used car with high performance and extra comfort

Lack of proper public transportation system and ever growing traffic on the road are making city life more stressful and frustrating. To get rid of hassle on journey most of the people wish to own a private vehicle. But large section of people could not afford buying a brand new car for them buying a used car is the best solution. With a used car you can satisfy your vehicle needs such as comfort and safety on road along with saving considerable amount of time and money.


Check the services offered by dealer

Buying a used car is bit different from other purchases. Though one can shortlist the car from online inventory of the dealer but the deal can be finalized after the physical inspection and test drive only. All the reputed online dealers deal with certified used car that undergoes complete verification done by the in house expert team in more than 100 check points.

For the convenience of the customer and building reputation most of the dealers assist customer in other important services like quick car loan, insurance paper work, document verification, paper transfer etc. So you can buy used Hyundai i10 in Bangalore that suits you and your family’s requirements.

Evaluate the interior and exterior parts

For getting proper view of the car it is preferable to check the car in broad daylight. Evaluate the condition of interior parts such as seat belt, seat sliding movement, window and glass, gear, steering, brakes,  AC, door lock, cabin light, odometer, etc. attentively as your slight ignorance could cause high on your pocket later.

While checking exterior of the car look properly at all the body panels for dents or scratches. Check the headlight, tail light, indicators, glass wiper, wheels, paint, etc minutely and then go for test drive. Try to drive the car in all possible modes and look for comfort and efficiency of the car.



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