Shower Curtains Vurses Shower Enclosure

Who’s going to be the winner?

Will it be the Shower curtains?

Cast your mind back a bit and picture the scene. You go in the shower, and as you are lathering soap over yourself, the shower curtains wafts in and sticks on you. At this point, we fight you and the curtain. After all who is the lawful occupant of the small shower enclosure, you or the curtain?

And in the end, you are all squeaky clean and out you step right into a small lake of water. Oh dear, not again! You didn’t think to make sure that the shower curtains were on the inside of the shower, rather than on the outside, dripping water everywhere on the bathroom floor! With any luck you don’t slip at the same time, landing on your ‘you know what.

Well, those are most of the cons I can think of right now, however, fortunately, there are two benefits I must point out. Shower curtains can be utilized as an emergency drape in case you find yourself without a towel in the bathroom. You genuinely don’t want to hop down the passageway naked! Another attractive factor about shower curtains is that they are far less expensive when compared with glass shower enclosures.

Or will Glass Shower Enclosures be the winner in the tug-of-war?

To commence with, glass enclosures keep your water exactly where it is supposed to be, that is, inside the shower cubicle! Today’s glass shower enclosures are so well created and sealed that every producer is without a doubt very proud of the fact that water doesn’t run out onto the bathroom floor. They are easy to clean. I do not think anybody needs to be reminded of all the mildew which sticks so easily to shower curtains.

What a breeding ground perfect for mildew and mild to flourish! And then there is a headache to keep them nice and clean. The beauty of modern day glass shower enclosures is that the glass features a special handling. This covering protects the glass from being damaged, and it also repels water. Yippee! Forget about brainless scrubbing to get the shower dazzling clean.

Because the glass repels water and moisture, there is no spot for any mildew to adhere to. Those days are gone of a small, dimly lit shower tucked away into the corner. The majority of manufacturers are more than willing to custom makes any shape even if it’s a sloping framework to fit in a loft. The shape isn’t any problem. If there is no room for a standalone shower, you will be able to get a glass shower enclosure to put around the bath.

Problem solved! Still, the choice is yours whether you want an elegant and beautiful shower curtains or an essay and low maintenance shower enclosure. You can touch to the height of your imagination and creativity with the shower curtains and can go simple yet beautiful with the shower enclosure.


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