Why Are Selfies So Much In Trend?

Girls and boys are so much into selfies these days, and everyone loves to take selfies. People are going crazy after selfies the selfie system started like anything, and it is continuing with great craze. Now, whenever you go to a party or on an outing with your friends whenever you are hanging out with your family or sharing some special moments with loved ones, then you don’t just say that we will click pictures, but you just turn on your front camera and try to capture a selfie.

Did snapchat start the trend of selfies?

Many people who are using Snapchat think that the idea of selfie was generated by Snapchat, but it is not true. Yes, obviously you can say that the trend of selfies was moved to an exponential graph with the help of Snapchat. But along with Snapchat many other social media application like Instagram and WhatsApp also started the features of giving face lenses with the help of which one can click their picture with different filters.

There are a number of filters on Snapchat, and these Snapchat filters are known as the lenses, you are the name of some Snapchat lenses you can build self portrait ideas with these lenses and make your picture look great

  • Honey Bee buzzing
  • Voice changing deer
  • Doggy filter
  • Animal Ears
  • Rainbow puking Unicorn

There are various filters you can also change during clicking your picture you have to just tap on the screen and the filter will show multiple different animals or multiple filters in one lens.

More about selfies

You do not need any other person to capture your picture, but you can do it with yourself so selfies are so much of convenience that if you are alone and enjoying, then you can capture yourself without asking anyone to hold your camera and capture a picture for you. With selfies:

  1. You can look at your expressions
  2. Convenient to click own pictures
  3. Use filter while clicking pictures
  4. Different lenses are available to use
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