Quick Trip Planning Done Right

In the ideal situation you have plenty of time to plan out a road trip, especially if you are looking at a long road trip that’s two weeks or even a month long. That being said, sometimes for whatever reason you need to take advantage of an opportunity or find yourself with only a very narrow bit of time to plan. Is it possible to plan a month long trip in a mere 24 hours, RV rental and all? Yes, you can absolutely pull this off but you need to tackle it in a smart way to make sure you have a wide open adventure as opposed to a disorganized disaster.Image result for RV rental

Close Is Better Than Far

This is a general rule of thumb, but it is a very bendable one. If you only have 24 hours to plan you should almost certainly rule out in international travel abroad. Between passports, visas, and other details you may not even be able to properly enjoy international travel and you certainly don’t want to forget something crucial and get yourself in trouble.

There’s plenty to see in-country, and being close doesn’t mean you can only be in your state or a few states close by. If you have specific places close by you’ve always wanted to see then by all means start with those spots. Longer road trips and travel should be done by finding the major places you really want to see and after making a map with a lot of dots or X’s then you look at possible roots. Are there certain areas where you’re seeing a lot of marks in one general spot? Is there a clear highway or road trip route by connecting a few of these spots?

These are all ways to start close but still get an exceptional month long trip route planned out fast.

Lists Are Your Friend

What are the most important things to remember for your trip? That’s a list. What disasters do you need to avert? That’s a list. What needs to be taken care of while you are away? That’s a list. Sometimes the easiest way to fight the potential overwhelm that comes from having to plan such a massive trip in such a short time. By making lists of major points this can help you make sure you focus on what is important, take care of each one within 24 hours, and not get caught up in the details that simply don’t matter as much.

Don’t Micromanage

When you have a time restraint you can’t micromanage. The best vacations aren’t overly planned, and so what you need to do is choose a route or series of places you want to see as soon as possible. This lets you spend some time to call ahead to local RV campsites and figure out the best upcoming dates to see certain places. By having a general schedule you also have the ability to plan your route going from place to place without being 100% locked into a really tight schedule.

You never know when you’ll find a place you fall in love with or a place that disappoints. By avoiding the mistake of micromanaging you will be able to plan a very solid trip without getting completely locked into a strict restrictive schedule.

Follow these tips and you will be able to create a great vacation route in a mere 24 hours.

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