Online Dating- How To Be Careful?

Online dating is getting good popularity all over the world. After introduction of internet, this concept has become hugely popular. Many market players and companies have come in the market and they are offering same product and service. These online companies provide a platform to various people to interact with each other. Basically, people use such dating sites in searching of perfect life partner. This service also gives the maximum exposure to individual because you get the opportunity to know about numerous people around the world. You come to know about different culture, social status, values etc. of different people.

Online dating sites are emerged as reliable platforms where you can search the good partner. In current world, both men and women are using these services. It is best source to know each other without disclosing the actual identity. It is a nice option for those people who cannot leave their home to meet other people due to family and personal problem. This kind of service is available in two formats, paid and free. Paid service gives you better result but if you are new for dating world then go with free dating sites first.

Although this online dating platform is the best way to finding your perfect match, you need to be careful while using this platform. Here are some tips to be safe while using any of these dating services.

Hiding your identity is being most important among all other things in order to protect you from unwanted complications. Some dating sites like We Love Dates have policy that is designed to protect your anonymity. When registering, you select a name and are also assigned a number. (Write it down someplace handy so you won’t forget it.) You could use your own first name, but it is better to develop a made up name such as: “Waiting4U”, “Sunny” or some other invention. The service affixes a number to that and you become “Sunny436”.

Using a pseudonym helps protect your identity. When developing a pseudonym, select something that uses the advertising space well and that will attract positive reaction.

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An alias can also help protect your privacy, particularly if your name is not common. For example, if your name were Stella, you lived in York, PA and had a listed phone number, all a man would have to do would be to do a reverse directory search for “Stella” in York (and there might only be three) to find a few addresses, so be careful.

Similarly, if Sue said she was an elementary school teacher in Waterville, and there was only one elementary school in the town, all a man would have to do is to talk to someone who knew something about the school and ask if they knew any “Sue”. If you were the only Sue there, you would have been “found out” and also your anonymity could be uncovered and you might prefer that co-workers didn’t know you had gone on the Internet. So if you mention what your occupation is, omit the name of the organization. It can make you too easy to locate.

Once you post your statement and photo, you would be contacted by interested men through your assigned “mailbox”. Your name, personal e-mail address, street address and telephone number would not be revealed by the dating service. That information could only be provided by your furnishing it directly. Be careful about giving out your own e-mail address and other personal information until you’re fairly sure that it is someone you want to communicate with.

Some dating services like Match Me Happy offers “Preview Members” option where you can check out photos and some very basic information. In order to get more detailed information, which is extremely worthwhile, and to be able to communicate with someone, you have to register and answer a series of questions that are used to match you with a potential partner. Based on your answers, a listing is produced showing what percentage match your answers had with those of men responding, so it might show that you were a 74% match with one man and a 27% match with another. The percentages should be used only in a ballpark sense. There probably is not a whole lot of difference if someone contacts a 64% match instead of a 74% one, but there is a great difference between those and a 27% one, suggesting that you might not have much in common.

Some of the answers are based on questions which are not exactly critical such as whether there is a match on what type of food (Italian, French, Indian, etc.) is your favorite. Obviously matches on things such as drinking and smoking behavior, attitudes with respect to children and age are much more important.

There are a series of further questions to which you would write your thoughts in essay form. They provide latitude to express anything about yourself you’d care to express. Not only will your thoughts give men a better idea of who you are, but theirs will do the same for you. The very exercise of having to do this really helps crystallize your own thinking as to the kind of man you are really looking for. It is a very constructive exercise. The photos may show the loveliness of your face and body, but the essay can reveal your heart and soul. In the end, that’s what makes love work and last. I highly recommend this service because it has a three pronged approach: photo, questionnaire answers and responses to essay questions.

I found some of the questions very useful in getting to know things about a woman I would want to know. The more knowledge you have about a man, the more likely you are to know whether he is a possibility for the love and romance you are seeking.

I’d recommend that you give these services a try to get yourself started. You will easily find many more on the Internet on your own. In fact, banners for many others just pop up sometimes while you’re using another location, so keep a pencil handy so you can jot down their names for future inspection.

If you are older than the women you see in the dating service banner ads, the matchmaking service may still very likely be suitable for you. There are a variety of age ranges featured in most of them. As you review them, you will find one or more that seem right for you. Just take a look at them.

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