Notable positive impacts of Anavar

Anavar is an oral synthetic dynamic anabolic androgenic steroid that made its first appearance in the form of prescription drug in the year 1964. This steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which has an oxygen atom instead of the carbon at the number 2 position. Since a long time, medical professionals and researchers have been using Oxandrolone for treating different disorders. These illnesses include Turner syndrome, idiopathic short stature, lessening of body mass due to catabolic illness, long-term corticosteroid behavior, osteoporosis, hereditary angioedema, anemia, alcoholic hepatitis, hypogonadism and severe burns. Additionally, this steroid is used to quicken growth in children suffering from idiopathic short stature.

Effective for female users in many ways

This steroid turns out to be one of the most effective steroids for women. It is so effective that female athletes consider this drug to be their official steroid. This steroid provides every possible outcome a woman needs with minimum side effects. It is believed that this steroid does to women what testosterone does for men. Many anabolic steroids turn out to be harsh of women and result in causing a host of undesired side effects. Most common of them is virilization which completely finishes a woman’s femininity. But this thing is very uncommon for this steroid as it is mild in nature and brings absolutely no virilization to females who use it properly.

  • The off-season for women: The off-season goal is simple for gaining more thin tissue. Men find this steroid to be less useful compared to women due to the trivial behavior of this steroid. As Oxandrolone hormone is mild in nature so women become capable of yielding higher returns.
  • Dieting for women: Women find it hard to lose fat when compared to men. Though off-season stacking cycle is great for women, yet it is through the dieting process that it actually shines. Among all the existing performance augmenting drugs, this drug is the main attraction of every fitness freak. This steroid really makes its mark in preserving lean tissue by increasing metabolic efficiency when women restrict their calorie intake.

Purchasing this anabolic steroid

Besides being a popular steroid this is also an expensive anabolic steroid. Underground grade and pharmaceutical grade medications are found in ample number on the black market but price differences between fake and counterfeit products turn out to be an issue. Always make sure to purchase from a reputable outlet as in the process you will not only be getting a reliable product but also a product that will provide safety.

Dosages and period of taking this steroid

As this drug is considered as one of the most effective steroids for women the common dosing for serving any female purpose is 10mg-20mg. Most women are recommended to start with 10mg each day as long as they use this drug. When you will be required to increase the dose make sure you have adapted yourself well to the lower doses. Increase the doses with excessive caution and pay attention to every change your body is undergoing. In maximum cases, 6 weeks of using are thought to be fine. Moreover, if the need arises to increase the dosing then you must discontinue taking it for 4-6 weeks prior to starting another course.

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