Is Buying Expensive Clothing Worth It

  “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet”, says Carries Bradshaw. Are you one of those people, who love to stuff their closet with uncountable designer wear? Well, if you answer yes, have you ever given it a thought, whether buying such expensive clothing is worth or not? Wearing Armani Jeans t shirts will give us a superiority complex and sense of pride for sure, but is it ok to shed so many dollars in buying the same? Well, if you have all these answers running in your mind, then probably you have landed at the right place. We will try and answer all these questions, to make it easier for you to decide whether to pay such whooping price for designer labels next time.

  1. The material

The material or fabrics used to make designer clothes is generally of high quality. Also the stitching of the clothing is done in a much better way when compared with non designer clothing. So, if you are shedding some extra money in buying a designer label dresses, don’t worry, as it will definitely serve you better than a roadside pick.Image result for Is Buying Expensive Clothing Worth It

  1. Long lasting

A local brand clothing start looking shabby and threadbare after few washes or dry cleaning, which is not the case with designer wear apparel. For example if you buy Armani jeans and use it on frequent basis, nothing will happen to it, whereas if you purchase any local brand of jeans, it will either start fading or will tear apart after few months of use.

  1. They feel better

As designer wears generally use natural fabrics, they tend to feel better than the normal unbranded apparels. They wrinkle less, drape nicely, and hang better, and all this is due to the materials used in their making.

But sometimes, it is ok to buy non designer wear too. More than anything else, the quality of the product is something that matters the most. Simply focus on three major aspects while buying any sort of apparel.

  • The material- Is it made of cheap acrylic and polyster, or silk and cashmere.
  • Craftsmanship- Is it tailored well, where is it made? Will it last beyond certain washes?
  • Style aesthetic of the piece- Can I wear it until I am 80?

And then, ask yourself that is it worth to spend those dollars in buying this outfit?

Don’t just go for a designer label simply to flaunt it in front of your friends and colleagues,                         rather buy it only if you actually need it and will use it in future.

Nowadays, you could easily buy your favorite designer labels online through various luxury online shopping stores. These stores stock some the famous luxury brands like Armani jeans, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Furla, G star etc to name a few. The range available with them absolutely mind blowing and will surely spoil you for choice. Some of the famous luxury online shopping sites are Darvey’s, Elitify, Tata CLiQ Luxury etc to name just a few.      

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