Importing Clothing from China

Everyone, at one point, has dreamt of owning their own business. Being able to think of a business concept and wish to put it in action has been a challenge for a lot of people. One of the most challenging parts is how to run the business smoothly in order to make a profit. Running a business is about balancing out all the expenses and revenue in order to make a profit. The idea is to lessen the expenses in order to maximize the revenue that the business is making. Companies today are finding ways in order to lower costs and optimize the operation of the business. One example is companies outsource the manufacturing of their products in places where manufacturing costs are cheaper. Then import their goods and give it a brand that everyone recognizes in order to sell the product a lot higher.

One industry that applies this concept is the clothing industry. High-end fashion brands and clothing apparels look to outsource their products from other countries to cut down on their expenses. Having a big name in the industry lets these companies have their products made elsewhere then make a profit out of it. The country that has its economy growing because of this outsourcing is China. Examples of brands that take advantage of this are Prada, Coach, Armani, Burberry, Marc Jacobs. Dolce & Gabbana, and much more. These brands have the trust in Chinese manufacturers in bringing the same quality to their products. This goes to show that the negative connotation of products made in China is fading.

With these big fashion brands leaning more to outsourcing their products in different countries, this has also been the norm for small time businesses. Some local clothing businesses buy wholesale clothing from China then sell them in their respective places. Local businessmen have made large profits and formed big retail empires just by ordering clothes from China then putting their own brand on the products than selling them at their own stores. But just how is this process done and why is this done by several entrepreneurs?

It all starts with a clothing label. Here, one must think of a product and assess its potential whether it is feasible, marketable, or profitable. This is the part where all the fundamental analysis comes into play in order to ensure that the product to be sold would be liked by the target consumers. The advice here is to keep everything simple at first and shortlist up to 3 different clothing styles. Once the label is decided, you can now decide on which suppliers to get, products to sell, and market customers.

In finding suppliers one must think of a supplier that would be able to provide the product that you want, at a low price. Importing from China is one of the best choices in this step. Outsourcing production of clothes from China has multiple benefits. China has extensive experience and knowledge in the clothing industry. Chinese clothing manufacturers are able to produce the highest quality of clothing with adherence to standards and quality guidelines from western countries. China has cheaper labor than other countries. In terms of price efficiency, Chinese labor is the highest compared to any other country.

In outsourcing clothes production in China, there are several cheap and reliable sources for obtaining your product. Ordering online through AliExpress is the best and most trusted source for high-quality manufacturers with readily available inventory. Asia Fashion is another good place to outsource clothing. It has a large selection of clothing ranging from lingerie to swimwear, to dresses. It is a good place to buy for those starting out in the business.

Outsourcing is a concept done by many people and a lot has made big money out of it. However, choosing a place to outsource is a challenge if ever the two countries are not in good terms. For example, the Japanese people do not want apparel to be Made in China. The two countries certainly have been rivals in the past. Bad blood between the two countries became more evident recently because of the issues with the rape of Nanking. If you want to be able to sell your product you also must be able to know whether your target market would buy your product or not. Buying cheap clothing could only be great for your business if you would be able to sell it at a reasonable price.


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