Important Role Of First Horse Race Caught On Camera In Modern Racing!

Nowadays, people have become very passionate about old trends and sporting events as such occasions are becoming rare. It is the main reason why people are willing to spend tons of money to witness such events that are organized frequently from many centuries. If you want to witness such event then you should opt for horse race that is organized on 2nd July and 16th august in the city of Siena, Italy. There is no denying that horse race is hottest event among people worldwide but do you know that where first horse race caught on camera! Yes, you are thinking right that this city is the place where first horse race caught on camera. Another exciting fact about this film is that it was recorded to show violence on horses to the world. A documentary on this film was also launched by NGO that work for the animal right that has also made this event famous among people.

Here are reasons why this racing event is popular among world –

  1. Bareback horse ride – You will be amazed to know this fact that this is the only race where jockeys ride horses without any safety kit. Yes, all the horses those take part in this event are ridden bareback and rider have to complete three circles of the square to win the race.
  2. Most famous sporting event in Italy – There is no denying that this race is one of the oldest and most prestigious racing event that is organized in Italy. Many people around the globe make sure that they should see this race and book their flights and hotels in advance.
  3. Held in honour of the Virgin Mary – Most of the people don’t know this fact that this race is held in the honour of Virgin Mary and that is the reason why people want that their district should win as that will bring great luck to them. Such religious involvement makes this race more exciting than any other event.
  4. Experience of forgotten age – If you want to witness about how it would be to witness races in ancient time then you should make sure that you should visit city of Siena during this event. You will come to know exactly why people love this event. You can witness electric atmosphere all around the city and nearby areas. One thing is for sure that you won’t have enjoyed such amazing experience in your entire life that you will witness in this event.

Hence, you should make sure that you are going to visit this city to become part of this amazing sporting event. In order to travel to this city, you must also possess up-to-date EHIC card as it is necessary document for your travel. If you don’t have EHIC card or want to renew your old EHIC card then you can take help of internet to possess latest EHIC card. It will help you to secure necessary treatments that you might need far away from your country. Thus, visit city of Siena to witness world’s oldest horse race!

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