How to Convert Your Videos to DVD Compatible Videos with Movavi Video Converter

If you have downloaded some videos online, you might want to convert them into DVD format so that you can store them on a DVD disk. Storing your videos on a DVD prevents you from having to save them on your hard disk. DVD players are available on gaming system, and computer.The standalone DVD player allows you to watch the video on a TV screen. To convert your videos into DVD, you will need to download a video converter software like Movavi Video Converter. First of all, you must have the Movavi Video Converter program on your computer. You can download the software from the Movavi Video Converter download page at Movavi official site.

Once installed, you must click on the Movavi Video Converter shortcut icon on the desktop to launch the program. The trial version of Movavi Video Converter will last for only 7 days. First of all, you must have the videos ready on your computer. Next, you must add the videos into the software in order for them to be converted into DVD. When you click the Add Media menu, you must choose the first option which is Add Videos and select your videos.

If you feel that it is easier for you to drag and drop the files to open them, you can drag the video files into the space with the document icon. The Watch Folder feature allows you to monitor a folder and automatically convert any new videos added into this folder into the selected output format. In the Watch Folder dialog box, you can configure the software to delete the original files or relocate the original files to a subfolder after the video conversion. You must click the Start Watch Mode button to start monitoring the folder.

You must select the DVD-Compatible Video file icon under the Video tab to convert video to DVD . You can choose to convert your videos to PAL or NTSC DVD compatible videos. The PAL DVD video is in 720×576 while the NTSC DVD video is in 720×480. There are 3 quality levels for the DVD videos including low, medium and high qualities. The DVD video conversion will be faster if your computer is equipped with Intel HD Graphics card. With the Intel HD Graphics card, the video conversion speed has will be 4 times faster in comparison to normal video conversion.

It will show the output size and quality of the output DVD format after you selected the DVD file icon in the Video tab. This will gives you an idea on how big the output DVD video file will be and the quality of the video. If you add multiple video files into the software, the Join files check box will become available. Checking the Join files check box means there will only be a single video after the conversion process is complete. The video clips will be merged in the sequence you add the video clips into the software. The video conversion speed is quite fast and it take about 1 minute to convert a video.

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