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If you’ve fallen, slammed your hand in a car door, or dropped something heavy on your foot, you may wonder if you’ve broken anything. The easiest way to get the answer is to get X-rays done, but it can take some time to get an appointment if you try to arrange it with your regular doctor. When you’re in pain, you don’t want to have to wait for that. Fast treatment is also important for proper healing.

Where to Get Imaging and Treatment Quickly

One of the best ways to bypass the wait for an appointment is to go to an urgent care center or freestanding ER. At the typical urgent care Harlingen TX residents can get X-rays, ultrasounds, and other forms of imaging done right away. There may be a bit of a wait if there are several patients ahead of you, but it’s nothing like the days you typically have to wait for an appointment at a primary care provider.

If the imaging reveals broken bones, the center can then set them properly so they can heal the right way. This will be done right after diagnosis. You’ll also be given medicine to take care of the pain.

Blood Testing Can Demystify that Sick Feeling

If you’ve been having symptoms like weakness, shakiness, unexplainable fevers, dizziness, or similar problems, a blood test might show what is going wrong. These tests can detect anemia, kidney or liver problems, certain infections, nutritional deficiencies, and other problems with your fundamental health. At an urgent care center, you don’t have to suffer for days waiting for an appointment. Instead, they’ll draw a vial or two of blood as soon as it’s your turn. Then, depending on the center, it will be analyzed either the same day or the next.

Once your blood is analyzed, the doctor will look at the results to see if any of the tested factors are out of the normal range or right at the edge of that range. In some cases, this is all that’s needed to know what to do next, and a treatment will be prescribed. For other cases, further testing will be needed to determine the cause of the abnormal results.

Modern methods for follow-up tests make them easy on the body, so there’s no need to fear them. Types of further testing include CT scans, ultrasounds, and similar imaging. These allow doctors to see inside your body without surgery. Once the results are in, treatment will be prescribed.

The next time you have an injury or simply feel ill, go to your local urgent care center. You’ll be glad to be on the way to recovery instead of wondering what could be wrong.


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