Garcinia Cambogia Is Known From Ancient Times For Its Medicinal Property

Many people take Garcinia Cambogia for achieving weight loss but are they safer as compared to some herbal supplements available in the market? Garcinia cambogia is available in some other names too e.g. Malabar tamarind or Hydroxycitric acid also known as HCA. It is abstract of Garcinia Cambogia fruit, which was used as medicine for many decades.

Do you want to buy Garcinia cambogia as a fruit?

You can get it in the form of fruit which is known different names. This is a tiny fruit with purple color and is mainly found in India and other south eastern Asian countries. In Indian language this fruit is known with following few names:

  • Kankusta
  • Vrikshamla
  • Kiswahili
  • Kalamansi

This Mangostana cambogia fruit can also be found in South Africa, Australia, and Polynesia. During ancient times this fruit was used as a folk medicine. Numbers of Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from this fruit in India.

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This fruit was first time identified by one British traveler in Sri Lanka, during 1835. He took the seed of this fruit and made it known to the Western world. Now, this fruit is grown over here and exported all over the world.

Numbers of Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from this fruit to treat patient for obesity, insomnia and nerve pain.

The color of this fruit is lime green to yellow or sometime purple, however when it is not ripe it is green. It looks like miniature pumpkin and can be found in different stores. It tastes very sour and hence it is very difficult to eat it raw.

Side effects of the supplement

People generally take this supplement to achieve weight loss, however proper scientific studies have not yet been done. People think due to presence of HCA it enhances the exercise performance. It can improve your metabolism and helps to burn fat. If you follow the proper instructions provided in the label then it is quite safe.

However certain trials were conducted on animals and following side effects were observed.

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach
  • Headache

Pregnant women and breast feeding mother must avoid this supplement or any of its herbal form. It should also not be taken with certain medicines to avoid adverse reaction.

How it helps weight loss?

Due to presence of HCA it helps in suppressing appetite and prevents carbohydrates to form fats. It facilitates the liver to store glycogen that promotes weight loss.


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