What are the etiquettes surrounding wedding cards?

In today’s world, the couples usually register in the case of wedding gifts. This helps them to get the gifts which they want rather than what the guest wants to give them – as more often than not, several guests will choose to give the same type of gift and the couple will be burdened with multiple sets of the same gift.

However, not all guests prefer to gift the couple with something which is in the registry. Some may want to give the couple cash so that they can spend it the way they would like. The guests prefer cash so that the couple can buy whatever they would choose to buy in spite of it not being in the registry as when one starts off life as a couple there are numerous expenses which will crop up.

Etiquettes around list wedding cards from DreamDay Invitations

Guests who do not prefer to gift the couple as per the registry but want to gift the couple cash would give the gift in an enclosed in a wedding card.  These cards can be either dropped in the card box, or they can be sent in the mail prior to the event.

Wedding cards should have a thoughtful message congratulating the newly married couple and a personal note based on the relationship which they share with the couple. The presence of a personalized note makes it even more special to the couple. The guest could also choose to deliver the card at the event.

When the card is sent prior to the event and especially by mail, it needs to be addressed to both the bride as well as the groom.

In case the guest does not wish to present the couple with cash they could prepay for an excursion, a romantic dinner or any such experience for the couple either during the honeymoon or anytime post the wedding.

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