Engagement Photography Ideas to Help Inspire Your Own Pictures

Some couples really struggle to come up with ideas for their engagement announcement pictures. A lot of ideas are cliché and overused and some couples, understandably, will shy away from using ideas that have been done a thousand times before. So, naturally they look elsewhere for some innovative and fresh new creative ideas and inspirations. In this article, some of the best new ideas and inspirational pictures for your engagement announcement pictures. However, also be sure to pick ideas that relate to you and your partner’s love story, these pictures should be a reflection of your relationship.

Engagement Picture Ideas and Inspirations

  • Frozen landscapes. Snowy backdrops and hills can look very surreal and gorgeous in any circumstances, but especially on sunny days. This makes all the ice on the roads and trees sparkle and these really give your engagement photos a stunning edge. If you and your partner also choose to wear matching clothes that are equally as elegant as the scenery then this will also add a very pleasing element to your photograph.
  • Lavender fields. Lavender fields are a very aesthetically pleasing location for any photograph, but especially for an engagement photograph. It is an explosion of purples and violets in a very open and serene environment. It can be up to you or your partner whether or not you want to blend with colours around you or not. If you choose a neutral colour like white, you will still stand out while also matching the environment you are surrounded by. It is advised to make sure you take these pictures on a sunny day.

You will need to allocate a long period of time for this particular photoshoot however as a lot of things are dependent on the weather conditions and whatnot. You also should be sure that you have found the optimum position and or location for your shoot as you will want to explore the numerous possibilities that the lavender fields will offer you. It might even be good to bring a prop as well, such as a backdrop or a bicycle, something that will just add a personal touch to your picture.

  • Orchard fields. Like lavender fields, apple orchards can also be a very serene spot to take an engagement announcement photograph in. Again, it is advisable that you wait for a nice and sunny day so that the scenery around you is really emphasised and taken advantage of. This will also make the other colours in the picture, such as any yellows, stand out a lot more and add a colourful and sophisticated element to your photoshoot.

A prime tip for this location would be to wear what is comfortable. You will be walking through a lot of grassy terrain and bumpy and muddy ground – so it is best not to wear heels or clothes that will make you awkward or uncomfortable while walking through the woodlands and trees.


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