Emerald City Smiles For All Your Dental Needs in Edmonds WA

Good dental health is as important to your quality of life as your general health. When your teeth are clean and healthy, it can affect not only how you look, but your physical health, as well. At Emerald City Smiles, we believe every patient should receive quality care with their unique needs in mind. We can provide a wide range of traditional dental services, cosmetic dentistry and holistic dental care. And your Edmonds dentist can provide information and advice on keeping your teeth healthy, as part of your overall health maintenance.

General Dentistry and Cosmetic Restoration

Health experts recommend regular visits to the dentist, as part of your general health care. Teeth cleaning twice each year can help to prevent gum disease and tooth loss from periodontal disease. In addition, regular cleaning remove the plaque and tartar from teeth, which can harbor bacteria that can lead to heart disease, stroke and other health problems. If you have damaged teeth, your Edmonds dentist can offer options for repair or replacement, including crowns, bridges and dental implants. We can also provide teeth cleaning, sealants, fluoride treatments and replacement of mercury fillings. Whatever your dental needs, the dental professionals Emerald City Smiles ensure quality, individualized care.

Holistic Dentistry Is A Different Approach To Dental Health

The term “holistic” in one that is used to refer to denote the “whole person.” This whole-person idea of treatment comes from an understanding that that physical conditions do not occur in a vacuum. The entire body functions together to work toward good health. Holistic dentistry uses this idea to provide healthier materials that will not cause potential reactions in the body. The method avoids the use of toxic chemicals that can interfere with natural physical processes. Holistic dentistry can offer a number of benefits, particularly for individuals who have allergies or have experienced reactions to materials used in conventional dental practice. The use of natural materials and treatments that suit your individual needs can have a significant effect on your general health. Talk to your Edmonds dentist about holistic care and how it can help you to look and feel your best.

Make Emerald City Smiles Your Edmonds Dentist

Dr. Nejad and the staff at Emerald City Smiles believe good dental care should be a part of your general healthcare. We are committed to providing the highest quality care for patients throughout Snohomish County. Call Emerald City Smiles today at 425-786-0330 for an appointment at their Mountlake Terrace office to learn how holistic dentistry can improve your smile and your health.


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