Why e-news is taking over the newspapers?

There used to be a time when early in the morning everyone used to wake up to the sound of newspapers van or cycle coming in their locality. Newspapers were the main source of information for the older generation. There used to be different sections for different interests and with a cup of tea or coffee and a fresh set of the newspaper, the day used to start. Ever since the era changed from hard copy news to television, there was a decline in the popularity of the newspapers. Just switching on the button of the television and changing several channels, one got all the information needed for the current scenario worldwide within few minutes to start their day.

  1. Who is the best?

Now, even the television news has a new competitor. Many newspaper companies started publishing news online by making their own news website. In that way, they achieved a lot of viewers. If there is new news around the world, it gets published right away on the website and the viewers won’t have to wait to get their daily dose of news.

According to Bestinau, as the newspapers have limited sections to publish some news and even the television news has a time limit to showcase some news, e-news has advantage of publishing as many news in their websites and also, they have different categories for different interests, such as you can learn about what is happening in your country, in your city, worldwide, about sports, latest fashions, movies and music, and many more. So who is going to get a hard copy to get the limited information when the world of news is just one click away?

  1. Interactive world

Another advantage of e-news is that they are updated on regular basis. And it also makes reading news online more interactive. You can read the news, watch videos based on the news, post comments on how you feel about the scenarios and even discuss the news with fellow viewers. This way, you can meet like-minded people and also you can get more information on a particular topic through intensive discussion and reading different comments.

  1. Good for your pocket and environment

There has been seen a reduction in expenditure for those who read online news. The money they used to spend on buying hard copies of newspapers have now stopped as the news available online is free of cost. And relying on e-news is also beneficial for the environment. Let’s not forget the number of trees that are cut down to make papers. The world is already facing a lot of crisis due to deforestation and climate change, even a little bit of contribution from our side can be a change maker.

  1. Labor cost reduction

E-news website just needs a good journalist and a computer. That itself will do the work instead of ink, large printers and the distributors of newspapers.

  1. Just one click away

Now, people can also read the news on their mobile phones. They do not have to just stay in front of the computers or laptops to go through the news websites. Even a small device such as your smart phones is useful to read the news. You will get notified by the news website whenever there is a new occurrence all over the world. So you can read news whenever and wherever.

  1. Every good thing has a bad side

However, just because the news is available online, does not mean that the information is not biased. Nowadays, there are a lot of issues that are taking place due to paid media. The journalist will show only the part they want you to read. So, sometimes it gets difficult to decide what to believe and what not to believe.


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