Does E-cigarette Cause Less Harm Than Regular Cigarettes?

This is the million dollar question that the world wants an answer to. The answer to this question at the moment partially seems to be ‘YES’ although it cannot be said with absolute certainty. What can be said at the moment is that an E-liquid Mate does not have many harmful chemicals in it that are the hallmark of tobacco smoke like tar and over 7,000 other toxic chemicals. At the same time, it also must be mentioned here that not much research and studies have been done on the product extensively that can throw adequate light on it. Therefore, its usage, in the long run, cannot be predicted as of now. However, some other facts can be helpful in understanding its effects.

  • More variants of e-cigarettes have nicotine – Almost all variants of e-liquid contain nicotine in them. It is a proven stimulant and its exposure at an early age as well as during adolescence can lead to irreversible damage to the developing brain in humans. Varieties that do not have nicotine in them also cannot be given a clean chit as traces of harmful ingredients have been found earlier. However, branded ones may be a bit safer than regular ones, and that is also a reason that the industry always makes users aware of using branded products.

Earlier, acrolein has been found in some regular ones. It is known to be a dangerous chemical and one that can cause tremendous damage to the lungs.

  • Some variants are more popular in the market – There are some e-cigarettes with e-juices that have carved a niche for themselves. Amongst them, JUUL rates quite well as it is one of the most popular varieties in the US. However, it is also a reality that it contains nicotine in it – a point that is not easily realized by many users. In fact, a JUUL pod may contain a comparable amount of nicotine to a pack of regular tobacco cigarettes! This is also a reason why FDA has not accorded the product with safe aid certification to quit smoking.

The house is thoroughly divided on its efficacy with some believing that it does help them to quit smoking. However, nothing can be said for sure at the moment.


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