Difference between Softwood and Hardwood

All trees are reproduced by seeds but the structure of wood of a tree depends on the type of seeds. Hardwood or softwood can be classified by its physical appearance.  The hardwoods are highly durable because of its hardness. Let’s check out some information regarding the difference between hardwood and softwood below:


The trees with temporary & broad leaves are of hardwood. The hardwood trees come from cone-bearing seed plants. The hardwood is also found in some shrubs.  The hardwood trees have various varieties as compared to the softwood trees. All the trees are not hard as such because the Balsa wood is the perfect example of hardwood which is lightweight. The most common hardwood trees are teak, walnut, oak etc.

Features of Hardwood:

  • High durability
  • Maintenance not required
  • High-quality furniture can be made
  • Various types of hardwood available
  • Fire resistant
  • Long lasting

As it is the long last wood, it can be used for a long term in your home or workplace and it will not get damaged easily.


As we read in above information that hardwood trees have temporary leaves, so we can get softwood from a tree which has remained evergreen. These types of trees mostly grow in cool temperature areas. Softwoods are cheaper than hardwoods because of they are easily available and easier to work on them. The examples of the softwood trees are cedar, redwood, pine etc.

Features of Softwood:

  • This wood is very smooth to work on it.
  • High strength
  • Suitable for writing and printing purpose
  • Widely used for making furniture

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