Carpet Care Tips for Your Home

Just like any colored fabric, carpet can fade and lose its color if not properly cared for. With the broad range of chemicals available for carpet cleaning in Houston it is not uncommon for a carpet to be subject to color loss. And the common culprit for color fading is often times bleaching agents. Many household items contain these chemicals. Perfumes, aerosol sprays, laundry detergents even pesticides. If there is a chance for it to get on the bottom of your shoe then it’s probably in your carpet too.

Keeping your carpet clean, fresh, and true to its original color usually takes work. When it comes to Houston carpet cleaning the square footage of any home can seem like a pretty daunting task. In fact, most people don’t even recognize the cushy layer of fabric that covers their floors until there is a major blemish. Even if you have the most amazing maid services, many times a proper carpet cleaning Houston falls by the wayside. The only alternative against using damaging chemicals is to find and hire the best carpet cleaner in Houston. This is the only way you can often decrease damage to your carpet’s fibers, extending the life of your carpet.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent color loss in your carpet.

Out the sun: We all love bright, sunny rooms. But the same sun beams the make us feel so good also have the ability to strip color from carpet.  So when you’re not in a room, be sure to pull the shades to block out these damaging UV rays.

Keep hands and feet clean: You may not realize it, but the chemicals and products you handle regularly can inadvertently cause color loss in your carpet. Bleach, acne medication and facial cream, and even athlete’s foot medication can strip the color from your carpet. Houston carpet cleaning experts recommend that you wash your hands regularly and wear socks whenever possible.3

Treat pet stains immediately: We love our pets, but they do have accidents at times. If this happens, clean it up as quickly as possible. Pet urine is potent stuff and has the ability to remove color from carpet and fabrics.

Call carpet cleaning professionals: Many color loss areas on carpet are due to the improper use of consumer carpet spotting products. Unfortunately, these products are designed for ‘instant gratification’. But they can also chemically burn or destroy carpet fibers in the process of removing a spot.  They also have the tendency to chemically set spots, turning them into permanent stains. So when faced with tricky spots and stains, you’re much better off to call the best carpet cleaner in Houston. They have the expertise and spot treating products to save your carpet and help it keep its color.


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