Best Three Ideas to Easily Ride Your Electric Scooter

Electrotherm India Limited was the very first company introducing electric scooters in India underneath the brand of YObykes. The organization provides a special selection of two-wheelers which are eco-friendly, economical, safe and convenient.

Conventional automobiles use non-renewable fuels for example gas, diesel or gas. Their mechanism includes many heavy and sophisticated components for example gasoline engine, gear box, clutch plates and much more. Because of weight of those components, conventional vehicles tend to be heavy in weight and harder to handle. Plus, such complex parts want more repair and maintenance.


However, battery bikes are secure to atmosphere because they avoid using any gasoline fuel. Additionally, there is a rechargeable battery along with a motor to count because the major components. So together with being light-weight, they are simple to maintain too. This is because lack of any complex mechanism.

So to keep your electric scooter running well, it’s not necessary to do much. Just bear in mind carrying out a couple of tips and you’re done!

  1. Charge battery regularly

It’s wise to regularly charge battery of the bike and steer clear of discharge being used. You need to charge it whenever you are able to, to savor some unpredicted journeys. Maintaining your battery in discharged mode for a longer period isn’t advisable. In case your bike has not been employed for 3 or more days, then charge it first prior to using it. Always charge battery using Electrotherm provided/approved charger to keep a great battery existence. And don’t attempt to dismantle either the charger or even the battery.


  1. Lube is needed

Lube is needed for the bearing fittings for example rear and front axles, handle/steering and frame joints, bearings on central pedal axle, pedal pivots, brake lever joints, chain (with grease), etc. Any general purpose lubricant for example Active 4T (Castrol), MP3 Grease or oil may be used. Excess oil or grease ought to be cleaned with the aid of a material. Keep in mind that in dusty and wet conditions, lube is needed more frequently.

  1. Make use of your electric scooter correctly

Avoid overloading or higher speeding your e-bike as doing this will reduce its range substantially. Also, start the 2-wheeler progressively by staying away from the racing start as it can certainly faster drain the power from the battery. So avoid fast acceleration. Frequent and unnecessary braking may also worsen the performance of the e-scooter. Aside from this, maintaining proper pressure within the tyres can also be necessary as under-inflation from the tyres can boost the moving resistance and waste the power ultimately. And make certain that you simply clean your bike regularly try not to use water-under-pressure because it may cause harm to electric components. Switch off the ability once your battery bike is not being used. For instance: At road crossing signals, etc.

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