Best Cultural Places to Visit in Denpasar

Bali is known as the best and popular tourism destination in the world. There are many beautiful and attractive places to visit in Bali especially in its capital city, Denpasar. If you want to get best vacation experience, then try any places to visit in Denpasar to spend your holiday in Bali. You can feel the uniqueness of Bali where modern life and traditional culture perfectly blend as best tourism destination. You can find many temples with Balinese architecture nuance, recreational place which is unique, and the landscape of beautiful nature in Bali.

Well, if you have plan to spend your holiday in Bali you have to visit any popular places to visit in Denpasar that are popular and exotic.

  • BajraSandhi Historical Monument

This monument built in the heart of Denpasar as remembrance for people’s struggle in Indonesian independence 3000 BC.This monument becomes place to preserve the culture, history and journey of Bali.

  • Art Museum, Neka

The other attractive places to visit in Denpasar isNeka art museum that offers various Balinese art made by foreign, Indonesian and Balinese. For art lovers, this museum will be look like an heaven for the art.

  • Museum of Art, Le Mayeur

This art museum is dedicated to Balinese painter named Le Mayeur for his works. This museum is a house of Le Mayeur with his wife when he still alive. Well, not only his works that look wonderful, but the building of the museum also look great with well-crafted architecture.s

  • Bali Provincial Public Museum

First enter the museum, you will be offered with Balinese architecture building. There are stone carvings that are stunning with tropical garden surrounding. There are also statue in the garden that show the history of Bali.

  • PuraSakenan

Sakenan Temple is an important temple in Hindu and Balinese culture. This temple is located in Serangan Island. This temple has stunning building architecture that show the Balinese culture companied with attractive view surrounding.

  • PuraJagatnatha

This temple built as dedication for SanghyagWidi. This temple also becomes the largest temple in Denpasar that made from white coral. The look of the temple is stunning with traditional scene and stories of Bali.

  • Maospahit Temple

This is one of a Hindu-Balinese temple in Denpasar.  This temple keeps the history with unique and stunning architecture and carving. Almost features in this temple made from brick. The visitor not only find the beauty of this place but also can learn about the culture and history of Bali especially the religion.

  • WerdiBudaya

WerdiBudaya art center becomes the largest cultural center and best places to visit in Denpasar Bali. It is usually used to held any different events or activities for both local people and visitors all around the year that have scheduled. In this place, the visitors can explore the building which is use Balinese architecture that looks great.

Well, Bali not only knows as beautiful and exotic place to visit. There are many places to visit in Denpasar that show about the culture and history about Bali that can be very attractive for your vacation.

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