Advantage and Disadvantage of Video Conferencing

With the increasing development of communication technology, people are pursuing faster and easier collaborating ways, especially, for many enterprises and companies. Therefore, since video conferencing emerged, those groups and individuals who have desired requirements of high-productivity and efficiency, seem to find out a suitable solution to handle with problems like costs, distance, time, etc.

Video conferencing as a powerful tool for remote collaboration enables you to easily start a video meeting online, although your partners or colleagues are at thousands of miles away. Be that as it may, just like general emerging things have two sides, advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing should get people’s attention, we will list several points to help you to view it correctly.

Advantages of Video Conferencing:

  1. No limit of time and space. As stated above, compared to traditional face-to-face meeting, the first advantage of video conferencing lies on that it redefines the new mode of meetings which doesn’t require participants to get together at a fixed meeting place. Besides, no matter when you want to connect with your team, remote meeting will work in a focused and effective manner. This way extremely helps you and your team members to reduce waste of time and cost spent on transportation.
  2. Immersive experience. Now, many video conferencing equipment or software have a fully deployed configuration including HD camera, fantastic speaker and microphones, etc. So that, in the course of the meeting, although across the screen you can see each participant’s facial expressions and body language just like in the same meeting room. This makes meetings more personalized and creates a more trusting relationship with your partners.
  3. Powerful functions. Generally, video conferencing tools are equipped with many powerful functions, such as, screen sharing, whiteboard, recording and playback, instant meeting and scheduling meeting, group chat and personal chat and so on, which can reduce the possibility of misunderstanding because of unclear verbal expressions and make communication more efficient. Plus, transferring some important files and documents in real time is also very practical in video conferencing.
  4. High productivity and efficiency. On the basis of video conferencing advantages above, video conferencing possesses a perfect integration of functions and applications – cost and time savings, vivid meeting effect and excellent information exchanges. Obviously, under many factors work together, a kind of more productive and efficient virtual collaboration

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing:

  1. Instability. To adapt all kinds of network environment, there may be a little loss of clarity of image in video conferencing or sometimes may be other inevitable problems, such as, interruptions, delays, freeze-frame and other phenomena. In short, the stability of the whole meeting process is easily effected by the network. This is the first and most important disadvantage of video conferencing.
  2. High investment. For some SMEs and start-ups, it is too expensive to build a video conferencing platform in their own offices, and the cost of maintenance and management of video conferencing equipment is also not low. So, in many cases, video conferencing more appears in large enterprises and multinationals.
  3. Security issues. Most enterprises and companies put information security above all when they decide to adopt video conferencing mode, they worry about leaking of confidential material in online meeting. Actually, the network security issues have always been the focus of people’s attention, but, in fact, with network technology developing and improving, we believe that there will be suitable solution to ensure information security.

To sum up, through comparing to video conferencing advantages and disadvantages, the former far outweighs the latter. Hence video conferencing is still a good way to improve team efficiency and productivity with better collaboration.

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