4 Tender Writing Success Tips

If you find yourself struggling with your tender writing or your tender writing skills aren’t as developed as you would like, keep reading. BFT Consult, the UK leader in tender writing services, is going to share some helpful tender writing success tips that will improve your tender writing skills and make writing your next tender proposal much less stressful.

     There are many aspects to successful tender writing and, while every situation is different, the following tips are among the most important. Let’s take a look:

4 Tender Writing Success Tips

Always Remember That The Proposal Is About The Buyer- many new or inexperienced tender writers often forget that the proposal isn’t about themselves or their business, it’s about what they, or their business can do for the buyer. Be sure to talk less about yourself and show the buyer what you have to offer them to make their life easier or better.

     Sure, your company’s history, lists of services and previous clients and the reason it is the obvious choice for any buyer is important, but don’t let that overshadow what you can do for the buyer. Remember, the buyer doesn’t really care about you, but what you can do for them.

Be Thorough And Accurate- as with most bid responses, you have a lot of information to provide and you have to provide it in a correct and thorough manner. If you don’t, your bid could be deemed as non-compliant and unprofessional. Experts agree that the best way to be as thorough and accurate as possible is to ‘structure your response document following the questions in the request document.’ That means copying every question, numbered just as they are the request document. Then make them the headings and sub-headings for your responses. This way, you won’t miss a question and you will have read each question thoroughly and carefully.

Respect The Process- successful bid writers treat the process with respect and it shows in the amount of bids they win. Submitting a poor quality bid can not only lose you the contract, but it can hurt your reputation as well.

Contact A Professional Tender Writing Service- one of the best ways to ensure successful bid writing is to hire a professional UK bid writing service that understands the procurement law changes and the public contracts regulations.

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